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We Now Have A Senior Fund!

Three years have gone by since our dear friend, mentor and fellow Chow Chow advocate Dianne Watson was tapped by God and left us. As most of you know, HCCC was formed in honor of Dianne for her many years of service and her passion for helping the breed she loved so much.

At the 3 year mark of Dianne's passing, we rescued and adopted 3 senior chows in a span of 3 weeks. Meanwhile, a canvas bag honoring Dianne’s passion for rescue was lovingly being crafted by one of our volunteers as a surprise. When we saw the finished bag we were in awe and humbled. At the same time we wondered about providing this bag to others for a dual purpose; provide a beautiful creation for others to enjoy and proudly display their chow love and secondly, to dedicate the proceeds from the purchase of the bag to assist those in adopting older chows.

So we asked ourselves, "Can we do this? Can we encourage chow lovers to adopt a senior shelter chow with no adoption fee if we provide funds to assist with senior care such as providing initial vetting and medication?" And we decided, heck YES! Dianne would love this idea and we have nothing to lose - but our senior shelter chows sure do.

Therefore, the Senior Chow Fund was born and the proceeds from each canvas bag will fuel the account.

Please help us honor Dianne and directly help Senior Chows by purchasing your bag at Til the Chows Come Home, our Etsy store.

The beautiful, flat bottomed bag is approximately 14” long at the bottom and tapers to 17” long at the top. It is 15“ tall and 5” wide. This heavy canvas bag can be modified with a custom lining and middle divider. Simply convo our store manager with your modifications. Each bag made from scratch.  Click the below link to purchase your bag:

Etsy - Canvas Tote Bag

Thank you for helping our seniors!

  • Sheree Partain

  • Sherri Butler

  • Tricia Havis

  • Kimberly Jordan

  • Erika Gonzalez

  • Lisa Cossettini

  • Denise Bailey

  • Joyce Boeck

  • Tammy Woods

  • ​Kaitlyn Coffy

  • Karen Young