Luna - June 2017

Kojak - May 2017

Creole - April 2017

Trinity - June 2017

Lowrider - June 2017

Ellie - March 2017

Cota aka Roomba - May 2017

Brutus - May 2017

Friday - April 2017

Alpha - June 2017

Violet - May 2017

Bunny - April 2017

Calliope aka Pixel - April 2017

Doll - March 2017

Saja - May 2017

Paws - April 2017

Amiga - May 2017

 Yogi - April 2017

Hunky Dory - May 2017

Oso aka Dupree - April 2017

Sandy - March 2017

Dolittle - April 2017

Indy - March 2017

Cherub - May 2017

 Grizzly - February 2017

Ama - March 2017

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“A Door to Somewhere”
You Adopt/We Donate

If you have ever adopted a pet from a rescue or shelter, you saved a life. Hale Pet Door wants to reward you for that.
When you purchase a Hale Pet Door, let us know that you adopted your pet. We will give you a 10 percent discount off the retail price of the pet door! Let us know the name of the organization from which you adopted your pet and we will donate a matching 10 percent amount to them. It is “winwin” for our customers, the rescue groups, and most of all, the pets who can enjoy a brand new Hale Pet Door in their very own forever home. When you purchase one of our pet doors on our website, , be sure to let us know during the "checkout" process that you adopted your pet
and fill in the name of the rescue organization. Or give us a call at 800-646-4773.

Houston Chow Chow Connection

Kroger Community Rewards NPO#27379

NOTE: You must renew this program on a yearly basis.

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