Capri - August 2017

Luna - June 2017

Penny - July 2017

Mae - August 2017

Kojak - May 2017

Adobe - July 2017

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Ramesses aka Scotch - July 2017

Cesar aka Galvez - July 2017

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 Grizzly - February 2017

Ama - March 2017

Sweet Pea - August 2017


Smiley is a stunning 2 year old red boy.  He came to us from Dallas in January & is ready to find his new forever home.  He has been fully vetted, neutered & microchipped.   We are recommending that Smiley go to a experienced Chow owner.  Although he may take some time to warm up to you, once he does his smile will melt your heart.  From what we have seen so far, he loves belly rubs & just hanging out.  He seems to be fine with other dogs however does not like cats. 

If you would like to meet him or would like further information, please email


My face may look mischievous but my behavior is not. I am a good boy wanting to be with you. Will you let me?

I am very new to the Rescue and when I'm ready to divulge more about myself I will add to my bio! I am about 4 years old and soon to be neutered and microchipped.

If you would like to meet him or would like further information, please email


Rowdy is a character! He is approx 4 years old & he loves all people! He will lick you and nudge you until you pet him and he likes to cuddle on the couch. He hangs out by himself and can chill and also does well with most dogs of all ages, sizes, and sexes. He just needs proper introductions with other dogs. He is okay in a crate and he is 100% house trained. Rowdy does not live up to his name. Even though he likes to play now that he has other dogs that do also, he never gets out of control. He is the sweetest boy and just needs to find the best home!

If you would like to meet him or would like further information, please email


Miss Keeper will keep you smiling. She is a very soft and fluffy girl and likes to know where her human is so she can receive petting. This pretty princess is about 6 and cuddly. She is ok with other dogs but grumbles and thinks that she is a princess and should have the house to herself. Miss Keeper is crate trained and a super easy girl.

If you would like to meet her or would like further information, please email


Bear is approximately 5 years old.  He's housetrained and gets along with most dogs. He especially loves smaller dogs!  He's been around children at adoption events and has loved the attention! He loves his outside time also! He's fully vetted and neutered but heartworm positive.  We're looking to find him somewhere that can give him heartworm treatment and find him his forever home.

You can contact Charli Boyd at or message me on Facebook.


This girl was turned into a shelter complete with her harness and we can't figure out why! She is as nice as they come! Diamond is about 2 years old and as pretty as her name. Her coat is a bit dull but we will have it sparkling soon. This girl definitely is a gem!  We think she is possibly mixed with either Shiba Inu or maybe Husky.

If you would like to meet her or would like further information, please email


Leo! This boy is exuberant and happy. Car rides? You bet! We believe Leo to be 2-3 years old. He would enjoy a yard to roam in to watch birds and squirrels. This king of the jungle prefers to be the only lion. Leo would love a buddy that would take him for walks and Starbucks treats.

If you would like to meet him or would like further information, please email


Toby is a regal chow, handsome and aloof.  He is 6 years old, fully vetted, neutered, weighs 60lbs and housebroken,   Toby is low energy and prefers to be a couch potato but does enjoy some time to stroll around outside to lay in the grass.  He was surrendered with his sister when the owner had financial problems.  Could you be his new forever home?  He will surely melt you and your families heart when he gives you that big smile and kisses.  He is a gentle, quiet, loving boy with a big chow face and full coat.  He would be best in a household with adults and older children.  If there are other dogs, it would be better if they were low energy & docile.

If you would like to meet him or would like further information, please email


Dwight is an 8 year old sweet Chow Chow looking for a forever home where he can lay his paws and relax. His former owners were elderly and he was their only dog, so he is used to a more relaxed home environment. 

Dwight is fully house trained and enjoys sitting outside in the backyard, or cuddling next to you while you watch TV or read a book. He is a very, very loving dog that has a smile on his face at all times. 

He does well with other dogs, but he is still learning things, like how to play, as he was used to being the only dog in the household until recently. He does enjoy the company of other dogs as long as they are not overly aggressive or forward.

If you are looking for a sweet, very loving, low energy companion, Dwight would be a great pal!

If you would like to meet him or would like further information, please email


Camper is becoming a happy camper day by day now that he is out the noisy shelter environment. His tail must be attached to a happy meter because it wiggles a lot.  This small black chow boy has a soft shiny coat. His ear tips have been bitten by flies so they need some time before filling back in with fur. Like many chows he needs a little warm up period then he is a happy camper. Camper is house trained. Older children would be preferred for this boy.

If you would like to meet him or would like further information, please email


Soft and fuzzy! She is a bit timid at the moment with all the big changes in her life but will soon learn she is safe. Cali is a one year old female beauty and she is fine with dog company. She is very new to our program so check back for an update after she has been vetted but she will not be around long.

If you would like to meet her or would like further information, please email

Hamilton "Hammie"

Handsome Hammie the Best Buddy Ever!  If you are looking for a mature loving chow boy to be your BFF then ask about Hamilton.  He is easy going, friendly and will make you smile with his fun loving nature.  His leg was injured as a pup and although noticeable at times it does not stop him from playing.  He is best suited for short walks to the mailbox, a romp in the yard, car rides to Petsmart and, of course, laying at your feet binge watching your favorite tv shows.

Hamilton is about 8 years old, 50 lbs and neutered. He gets along with other older calm dogs and we do not recommend him for families with young children.  He is part of our Senior Program and has started showing signs of arthritis.  Therefore, his adoption fee is sponsored and the rescue will supply food, vetting and supplements for his continued care.

If you would like to meet Hamilton or would like further information, please email


Roxy is a 9 y/o Chow/ACD located in Springfield, KY. She was an owner surrender after her owner could no longer care for her, but she's one of the best dogs. She lived as a house dog for 8 years, so she's house-trained and very well-behaved. She was raised with kids. She seems indifferent to cats. She was somewhat nervous about other dogs initially but is getting much better. Most people have been turned off by her age, but she definitely doesn't act like a senior. She's kinda sassy! She'd fit in really well as a family dog!  Could you be that perfect home?

If you would like further information or to meet Roxy, please contact Ariella Gibson


Lazarus might be the sweetest dog ever. He just wants to be your buddy and dotes on his caregiver. Lazarus is about 5 and will be neutered and microchipped prior to adoption. He would do best in a home with another dog for company so he can spread his love around.

If you would like to meet him or would like further information, please email

The below listings are courtesy posts.  Houston Chow Chow Connection can not confirm any of the details provided. 

Courtesy Postings on behalf of our Rescue friends!

We are in desperate need of fosters for our babies.  If you are interested in helping us with this, please email

Please check back frequently for new forever friends that join our program.  If one of our pups doesn't match what you are looking for, please reach out to us as we may have other potential matches not listed yet or  in the works.


All adoptions require a home visit and reference checks.  Thank you for visiting and your interest in wanting to adopt one of our forever friends!